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Offshore Software Development Process KST, Chandigarh - India

Outsource your work to KST to free up resources that can then be utilized for your        core business strengths

Khushi Softech has developed a consistent web development methodology in executing our projects for a diverse range of businesses, and Over the years, KST has refined the business process to make it crystal-clear for clients to understand how we work. KST follows a systematic business policy that ensures thorough results.

KST, is a dynamic and vibrant web designing company that has evolved along with time to function in the complex business environment that exists today, and KST has executed a consistent web development methodology for all our projects. KST, As an affordable web design company, has executed several projects in information and technology for a wide range of businesses and organizations in the past, and continue to do so even today.

KST has developed a consistent web development methodology that helps us to stay on a coherent path with every client that we interact with by our experience of working with a myriad of businesses and having developed numerous projects ranging from simple websites to complex enterprise-level solutions, This helps us to deliver every project successfully that we undertake and maintain a clear vision of tasks that lie ahead.

KST's common process of Offshore Software Development ::

Offshore Software Development Process, KST Chandigarh - India

KST Understands the needs of the client ::

KST's initial step is to understand the needs of the clients thoroughly, and KST's expertise team will carefully understand and discuss your needs before initiation of the project, and If we have alternatives, KST will be glad to discuss these with you, and When KST feels that ideas match, KST will call in for the required project details to begin execution of the project, and At this time, KST will propose a suitable business model and decide upon the costs and the time-frame.

KST Elaborating the Functional Specifications ::

KST's This satge will concentrate on the functional specifications and the architecture of the project, Based on this, the client is given the development tools to be used, the web design scheme, the data base design scheme, graphics, and This phase involves the analysis of the technical details required for the project development and preparation of a technical schema.

KST's Development of the Solution ::

KST's This stage entails developing a prototype of the solution, which KST refers to the client for feedback, and The client then gets back to us with the appropriate feedback, which KST incorporates into our development process. This development is not one single process, but several processes running together, and Towards the end of the development phase, KST integrates the modules together and upload as a demo for the client's evaluation, and In the meantime, KST keeps the client updated on every aspect of the development, and provide regular feedback by chat, phone and email.

KST's Testing and Evaluation ::

KST's This stage, KST test and evaluate the software on various points, and During this testing phase, KST uses a number of sophisticated testing methods to detect any bugs or errors and deliver effort free software to the client. KST has hired a number of software experts who test your software under different conditions.

KST documents every process in the testing phase so that what the client get is a robust and reliable software application, and Finally, KST launches the software, which involves steps like hosting the solution on the client's servers, fine-tuning the solution, preparing software manuals if required, post deployment support and maintenance.

KST believes that Outsourcing is not just a strategy of cost reduction. It is in fact, a strategic service and essential element of growth.

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