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What is web designing?

KST :- Web designing is the art of creating a web site using creative use of text, images and graphics in electronic format, and These reside as a collection of files on web servers, and Users can see this information using a computer and a web browser.

Why do I need a website for myself/my company?

KST :- A website allows you to put up information for others to see on the Internet, Given the vast potential of this medium, your information can be accessed on a 24x7 basis throughout the world, and If you own a business, it benefits because you can utilize your website to present information and services to your target audience on a constant basis.

If I want to use flash for my website. Can you help?

KST :- Yes! We have a full range of flash header and flash intro services.

Why do I need Professional Banner development services?

KST :- A banner ad needs to be attractive, and contain information that will spark the interest of your audience, Therefore the design of your banner should be done by a professional and experienced banner designer or design company to create an ad that has the effectiveness and value that others will be willing to click on it! KST creates banners that help you get your message across.

What is meant by ECommerce?

KST :- Ecommerce is business that is conducted using the Internet as a medium, and It includes activity such as transferring fund electronically and buying and selling products on the web, though this term is much broader and encompasses a wide range of electronic services on the Internet.

How will my business requirements be met through the e-commerce website?

KST :- we understand that every business has unique requirements, and You can put down your specifications and preferences and KST will incorporate these into the site appropriately. KST's team will start work after a thorough understanding of the nature of your business so that we can include the exclusive features of your business and firm to the site.

If I set up an Ecommerce Store, will it be successful?

KST :- Setting up an ecommerce store is relatively easy, but whether it will be successful depends upon a lot of factors, For an ecommerce store to be successful, you need to employ a variety of techniques like search engine optimization, Internet marketing, offline promotion, and so on.

What is SEO?

KST :- SEO is an acronym Search Engine Optimization, and It is all about a set of techniques to optimize your website so that it gets higher rankings on search engines.

What is website maintenance?

KST :- Website maintenance is ensuring that the website remains functional at all times, and In a nutshell it is all about reducing downtime, revising and updating content, improvising features such as shopping carts, problem reporting, regularly backing up data, version upgrades, performance improvements, bug fixing, and so on.

How is quality insured in Offshore Development?

KST :- We provide secure connectivity to companies anywhere in the world and is staffed by skilled teams engaged in legacy systems maintenance, custom application development, enterprise application management.

Are my business secrets and data safe and kept confidential?

KST :- Yes. We use comprehensive security measures to prevent any data compromises, and All intellectual property or data is complete ownership of client. KST has not right on it. KST understands the criticality of information security for clients, so all our processes are designed taking security aspects into considerations.

How often the updates are provided?

KST :- Updates are provided according to your specifications.

How can I communicate with Khushi Softech?

KST has the following modes of communications ::

  • Email
  • Instant Messenger Chat
  • Telephones

For communication, you can use any medium you are comfortable with.

What language is used during project execution?

KST :- All our experts are proficient in English language, and All project communication will be done in English language.

What is the length of contract?

KST :- The length of contract depends on your requirements.

Is there any minimum number of developers I need to hire?

KST :- No. You can hire minimum of 1.

What is the strength of Khushi Softech?

KST :- Our team, Who provides quality solutions at a very affordable price.

What type of a team does Khushi Softech have?

KST :- We have created a core group of technically sound professionals who are fully dedicated to application development for our clients. They are bright, knowledgeable and talented professionals with unique ideas, unmatched abilities and personal goals. Our team members are highly well qualified, dedicated professionals, who are redefining the meaning of team bonding and the meaning of quality service.

What other skills do your developers bring on table?

  • In addition to technology expertise, our developers have excellent interpersonal skills.
  • KST's developers are trained to be proactive and focused to improve on complete product delivery.
  • They strive to exceed your expectations and deliver excellent results at most competitive cost.

What if developer takes a day off, sick or leaves the company?

  • In case of day off or sick, KST compensates back to you in terms of money or effort on weekend or      by other developer as is demanded and appropriate.
  • In case of vacation, we require our developers to inform 1 month in advance for taking more than 2      leaves, During such period KST compensates back as per point a.
  • In case developer leaves company, KST ensures all knowledge transfer done at cost of KST to new        developer, and Knowledge transfer and transition is done so as not to impact delivery of service.

What are the Khushi Softech core competencies?

KST's core competencies are the following ::

  • Best and expert IT talent.
  • Expertise in PHP, Microsoft .NET, iPhone, Embedded System

How is contract termination process?

KST :- If you have hired more than 3 developers, you need to prove us with notice period of 1 month.

How much time it takes to get started after contract is signed?

KST :- Generally, it takes 1 or 2 days for developer to start working.

How long will it take for you to create my website?

KST :- It usually depends upon how large and complex the solution is, In case you have a deadline, we will venture to meet it. Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss your website development requirements.

How much will it cost to have a website?

KST :- Costs depend upon whether you require a basic website with only a few pages, or a full-fledged complex website. It hinges upon how complex your solution is and the technologies required, and obviously a basic website will be much cheaper than a database driven ecommerce solution. Please feel free to ask for a no obligation Free Quote.

What is the exact location of Khushi Softech Web and Software Development Center?

Khushi Softech Offshore Development Center is located at Chandigarh, India. Chandigarh is famous with the name City Beautiful, most developed, prosperous and safest place in India. Chandigarh as developed Union Territory not only provides excellent internet & work infrastructure but also comprehensive and strict data & information security legal framework.

What are the working hours of Khushi Softech?

Khushi Softech works 10:00 am - 06:00 pm hours in a day and 6 days a week.

Is time zone difference a problem in project execution?

  • KST :- Time zone differences have its advantages and disadvantages, Advantages can be                      "round-the-clock" programming which will drastically reduce time to market.
  • Time zone differences will always be the case when teams are working across geographic areas. The      solution is to setup meeting and interaction at mutually acceptable times.
  • If you want to have your Hired team working hours shifted so they better align with yours hours, KST    can arrange it, but this requirement can increase the cost of the service, as the developers may have    to work at awkward hours.

Are you flexible in adopting our standards or methodologies for development of our projects?

Khushi Softech is flexible enough to accept your methodologies and standards that suit your project. KST can work the way you want us to work and ensures that your project requirements are met.

Do I need to send you a deposit?

KST :- Normally, we charge 50 % of the website development cost upfront.

How is payment process completed?

KST :- We accept payment by check, bank draft or wire transfer.

Will my hired developer be working on other projects?

KST :- No. Your hired developer will be only working on work tasks provided by you.

Can you provide price list for all developers with different skills?

KST :- Yes. We provide price list on demand.

Are there any other charges other than hire charges?

KST :- No there are no setup or infrastructure charges, Infrastructure includes computer, OS and all essential development tools. Although, if project requires commercial software components to be used, the cost will be borne by customer.

Do I need to give training to my hired developer?

KST :- Our hired developers are expert as far as technology stack is concerned, But the functional training of the software system may need to be provided depending on complexity, and Such training periods are billable.

Can I ask for replacement for developer if I am not satisfied?

KST :- Yes. We will definitely replace your hired developer if there is shortcoming on developer's side.

Are you available for after sales services?

KST :- Yes! We are available for after sales service as well, For the first month, we will carry out minor tweaks and changes as desired or requested by you, and Charges will apply thereafter.

I want you to start my project. How do we get started?

KST :- We are glad that you wish to retain us as your web designing company, Please Contact Us with your requirements right away

  • You will have to send your requirements to Khushi Softech
  • Khushi Softech executive will provide you complete assistance throughout the process from      there on.

I have more questions. What should I do?

KST :- We are positive you will have more specific questions to ask, Contact Us right away! We will get back to you in the shortest possible time.

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Company News

100% Export Oriented Company, clients based all around the globe
Khushi Softech, is the name reckon with 100% export and supply of quality. We appreciate to inform that we have already given our level best services in countries like United State, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Russia, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands and several more. Ultimately our objective is to endow our client satisfaction at utmost level.
Increased potiency ratio
Started a company with a broad vision and with help of dedicated team work today we are standing in the market. At the moment you will be surprised to know that we are working along with 38+ countries with outsourcing projects and diffusion with effective and valuable services on stated delivery time along with various development schemes and plans.
100% client satisfaction
We are proud to achieve our foremost objective of providing our clients the best satisfaction at a very grand level, this keep us always tuned with them and so today we have greater ratio of retention of same clients, Our first and foremost intention is to make our clients happy and let them give way beyond high customer support and satisfaction.
Our Journey
Initially we started with PHP technology, as we achieved success and accomplishment, we followed with Dot Net & Embedded System programming thereon and with this success now we have open Source with Joomla , Drupal, Magento, Smarty, WordPress, Cake PHP, Dot Net Nuke(DNN), AspDotNetStoreFront and Mobile Application Programming
iPhone Application Programming!
currently working with most recent fast running technology Ruby on Rails & iPhone Application Development, get in stroke with us anytime. Our expertise developers have started working on latest technology by exploring it and working under different requirements.



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